Our Team

Christian Loewenthal (Management)christianl150x150
… Christian is responsible for coordinating the various publishing areas, handling licensing questions, product planning and also for organizing marketing, the demo team, trade-fair appearances etc. Along the way, roleplaying games have become his job, but nothing has dampened his enthusiasm for gaming. Alongside his duties as CEO, he still writes for the Savage Worlds Setting Elyrion and struggles persistently to fit in his irregular evening gaming sessions.


Marcel Hill (Management and web administration)marcelh150x150
… Marcel looks after the expansion of „new media“ at Prometheus Games. Additionally, he is responsible for Prometheus Games’ entire website, whether it is the Spielekram-Shop or the Games Blog. In his spare time, he slips into the roles of angry dwarves or hard-drinking northmen to teach resurrected centuries-old black magicians the meaning of fear!


Sebastian Deutsch (Editorial team and community manager)sebastiand150x150
… since 2009, Sebastian has worked as a demo team member and forum moderator at Prometheus Games, and has made a name for himself as the voice of the publisher. If there is anyone at Prometheus Games who has earned the title „community manager“, it‘s him. He has also worked as an editor for Savage Worlds since 2012. At first, his focus was on Sundered Skies, but he became more and more attracted by the icy world of Hellfrost. Almost incidentally, he is in the final stages of his environmental technology studies and is interested in board games and, surprisingly, all kinds of roleplaying games.


Falk Bongert (Editorial team and Organized Play)falkb150x150
… works as an editor for Savage Worlds. Furthermore, he writes, translates and supports it for all he‘s worth. As a fan from the very beginning and a longstanding demo team member for several Prometheus Games products, he knows all our games very well and looks after the coordination of our demo team and the Organized Play system. On the editorial side, he supervises the Rippers setting, but from time to time, he jumps in to help in other areas.


Phil Pehlke (Executive assistant, wholesale customer support) philp150x150
… has played roleplaying games since 1990. Lately, he’s been giving Christian a hand with the publishing work. He also liaises with Prometheus Games’ wholesale customers and works as translator and editor. He plays roleplaying games in an English-speaking group and loves Call of Cthulhu and Savage Worlds. Before working for Prometheus Games, he studied politics. He spends his spare time with his books, his CD collection and his children.


Uli Kneiphof (Customer support, Onlineshop)ulik150x150
… Uli is the „grumpy old man“ of our company and well-known to most roleplaying players for his many meritorous years of service at The Dark Eye. In 2012, Uli finally came to Prometheus Games, first as head of our official demo team, but since 2013, as a contact for our customers in online distribution. In his spare time, he likes gaming in good company, which is why the „Casa Kneiphof“ is famous for its roleplaying weekends.