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The Ratlair is an oscure, labyrinthine place. Abandoned by the enigmatic Builders for reasons unknown, it holds countless secrets and mortal dangers – if you’re a rat. Between devilish traps and wild creatures roaming the old department store (that’s what it is), your life might very well end prematurely, and violently, if it wasn’t for your pack. Seven hordes – extensive rat families – populate the Ratlair: The Sharpteeth take pride in their eternal war against everything. The fanatic Fire-Rats revere the Builders, and the fire they left in the dark. The Lab-Rats are the ones who know just a little bit more. The Devourers have accepted their neverending hunger, striving only to survive. The fat Collectors have whatever you need, for a price. The Divers found their peace in the cold depths. The tiny Red-Eyes are everywhere, shunned but indispensable. Every horde knows songs about heroes, martyrs, who earned their unforgettable (and usually somewhat excessive) names through their deeds alone. The hordes might disagree and fight about almost everything, but they know that in the end, they are social creatures, and they can only survive together.

Packs! is a small, fast-paced role-playing game of rodent adventure, horror and varying seriousness, offering a completely new perspective on a world well-known. It can be played using either its own intuitive game mechanics or the successful rules of Savage Worlds. Packs! originates in Germany and has fascinated a devout fan base for years. Soon, it will enter the English-speaking world via Kickstarter, if you want it to.

Choose a horde and earn your name!

The Hordes

The Rules

The original rules are designed for a fast-paced adventure style of gaming, but also help to represent the sophisticated hierarchy of rat culture, assuming you want to call anything rat-related “sophisticated”. They are centered around the four traits Strong, Quick, Social and Clever, as well as some accordlingly straight-forward-named Talents and Tricks like “Out of the Way” or “Wound Licking”. In the end, you roll a number of six-sided dice dependent on your traits and add up the two highest scores. If you beat a difficulty, congratulations! You live to see another day, or whatever your goal was. The numbers involved are small enough to be appropriate for schoolboys and -girls (the throat-biting and extensive procreating, on the other hand, might not). There is also a dirty and dangerous combat system without extensive tactical rules, but with extensive wrestling around on the floor and biting things. If you bite things successfully, or do whatever fits you horde best, you can also collect songs, tales other rats might have heard about you. Which is just great if you want them to do something for you, or just impress your rat-friends. If you are especially brave, cunning or stupid (but in a martyr-like way), you might get a new name fitting your deed. Some rats have three names or more. And yes, they will use every single one of them. Always.

Besides the original rules, Packs! can be played with the renowned Savage Worlds system as well.

Packs! – Kickstarter

The Kickstarter for Packs! launches in February 2015. At conventions in Germany and on the internet, people often came to us and asked for an English language version. We liked the notion, but we didn’t want to do a simple translation. For the last seven years, the game has prospered, many ideas concerning an international release have come up, and so we finally went for crowdfunding. If we reach our goals, Packs! will not only be available to a wider audience, we will also be able to expand the game with new adventures, contents and nice extras that would not be possible otherwise. With your help, Packs! will be coming, and we hope that you are as excited about this new world as we are, even after all those years. Thanks for your support!



The campagin is successfully funded!

Thanks to all of you for your great support!

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Prometheus Games

In 2007, Prometheus Games was founded as a roleplaying games publisher by Marcel Hill and Christian Loewenthal. First conceived as a way to publish our own roleplaying games, Prometheus Games has grown into a fully-fledged roleplaying publisher that today publishes and distributes well-known brands like Savage Worlds, Hellfrost, Rats! and Los Muertos. Our range of goods contains both licensed translations and German in-house developments (e.g., the innovative and popular Pocket RPGs). With more than a dozen brands in its publishing programme, Prometheus Games is one of the most successful German small presses in roleplaying today.

Today, a team of several permanent employees and dozens of freelancers works on the development, marketing and distribution of our games. There is also an ever-expanding demo team presenting our games at all major German trade fairs and conventions. Together, we work every day to realize our motto: We bring fire to gaming!

Packs! Tutorial

How to draw a rat” by Melanie Phantagrafie, one of the illustrators of Packs!


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