Packs! – The Game

The Ratlair is an oscure, labyrinthine place. Abandoned by the enigmatic Builders for reasons unknown, it holds countless secrets and mortal dangers – if you’re a rat. Between devilish traps and wild creatures roaming the old department store (that’s what it is), your life might very well end prematurely, and violently, if it wasn’t for your pack. Seven hordes – extensive rat families – populate the Ratlair: The Sharpteeth take pride in their eternal war against everything. The fanatic Fire-Rats revere the Builders, and the fire they left in the dark. The Lab-Rats are the ones who know just a little bit more. The Devourers have accepted their neverending hunger, striving only to survive. The fat Collectors have whatever you need, for a price. The Divers found their peace in the cold depths. The tiny Red-Eyes are everywhere, shunned but indispensable. Every horde knows songs about heroes, martyrs, who earned their unforgettable (and usually somewhat excessive) names through their deeds alone. The hordes might disagree and fight about almost everything, but they know that in the end, they are social creatures, and they can only survive together.

Packs! is a small, fast-paced role-playing game of rodent adventure, horror and varying seriousness, offering a completely new perspective on a world well-known. It can be played using either its own intuitive game mechanics or the successful rules of Savage Worlds. Packs! originates in Germany and has fascinated a devout fan base for years. Soon, it will enter the English-speaking world via Kickstarter, if you want it to.

Choose a horde and earn your name!