About us

In 2007, Prometheus Games was founded as a roleplaying games publisher by Marcel Hill and Christian Loewenthal. First conceived as a way to publish our own roleplaying games, Prometheus Games has grown into a fully-fledged roleplaying publisher that today publishes and distributes well-known brands like Savage Worlds, Hellfrost, Ratten! (German version of Packs!) and Los Muertos. Our range of goods contains both licensed translations and German in-house developments (e.g., the innovative and popular Pocket RPGs). With more than a dozen brands in its publishing programm, Prometheus Games is one of the most successful German small presses in roleplaying today.

Today, a team of several permanent employees and dozens of freelancers works on the development, marketing and distribution of our games. There is also an ever-expanding demo team presenting our games at all major German trade fairs and conventions. Together, we work every day to realize our motto: We bring fire to gaming!