Leatherbound Edition and Further Products

We’ve posted an update at Kickstarter today and we think it might be a good idea to share it with you here.

As announced before the replacement softcovers have been shipped and judging by the comments most seem to have arrived.

Let’s begin with an overwiew of what has been shipped and what’s still to be delivered:



PDF of the Corebook

Softcover Corebook

Hardcover Corebook

Art Edition of the Corebook

Leatherbound Corebook

PDF of the Companion

Softcover Companion

Hardcover Companion

Adventure “Dark Secret of the Pied Builders” (included in Corebook)


Still in the works:

Ratmaster’s Screen including adventure (print)

Inlays for the Customizable Gamemaster’s Screen (digital)

10 Super Hero Archetypes (digital)

PDF of Biting Tales (digital)

Figure Flat Sets I and II (digital)


New Schedule

The graphics for the Customizable Screen will be finished in January, according to our layouter. The PDF will be made available via DriveThruRPG. Those files will also be used for the physical version. The original author of the accompanyong adventure has unfortunately been unable to complete his assignment, but we’ve found two replacement authors already.

The illustrations of the archetypes are done already and the finished files will be released alongside the ones for the Ratmaster’s Screen. In addition to that we will create the character sheets and the figure flat sets.

Biting Tales has been translated and edited and will be put in layout in January, which means we expect to be able to release it in February.



As announced before we’re active on here again as well. If you have any questions feel free to ask them here or send us a message. Christmas season was very hectic for our small team (we run a thriving online shop in Germany where Christmas shopping ate a chunk of our time). We may not have answered each and every message yet, but we’re trying to get there by next week. To message us directly just send an e-mail to: chloewenthal@gmail.com

Thanks again for your ongoing support and patience above all!

We wish you Happy Holidays!