Packs! – Statement concerning the lack of communication

Dear backers,

once more we have to apologize to you. As the lead company on this Kickstarter project we’re not only responsible for the realization of the books and add-ons, but also for the communication with you, our customers. To live up to this responsibility we hired a dedicated customer relations expert. Nonetheless some channels remained inactive – chiefly among them this one. In the end this is Marcel’s and mine failure alone, since we should have kept a closer eye on all channels. Please do not blame Studio2 or Jim, who really go to great lengths to support us in every step of this Kickstarter. Marcel and I will now remain as primary points of contact on this project so we can personally make sure that there will be no further lapses in communication.

Despite this very unfortunate lapse in communication we were able to make significant progress. Just as the hardcovers all softcover copies have been shipped by now. If you haven’t received your copies please contact us at with your current address and we’ll look into getting a replacement shipping sent out within the week.

Softcover copies are now also available in print-on-demand from DriveThruRPG.

Again we want to sincerely apologize for the lack in communication. All we can do now is learn from our mistakes and take responsibility into our own hands so as to not repeat them.

For PG,
Christian Loewenthal