The Packs! are Near – Use the Time to Draw Your Own Rat!

You asked for some news and here we go. As you already know the current version of the Packs! core book is available for backers for a couple of weeks.

The super power campaign is almost done. We expect to send the files next week to our native english speakers to finalize it. As soon as they give us a go we set the texts and print the book. The new artwork ist already done so we hope to bring it all together next month.

To give you brief look of what it’s coming here is some of the great new Packs! artwork:

But thats not all. We promised you a tutorial to teach you how to draw you own rats and yes, Melanie has written an awesome tutorial. You can find it in the download section. But be careful what you draw, maybe you have to play it. 🙂