We’ve posted an update at Kickstarter today and we think it might be a good idea to share it with you here. As announced before the replacement softcovers have been shipped and judging by the comments most seem to have arrived. Let’s begin with an overwiew of what has been […]

Leatherbound Edition and Further Products

Dear backers, once more we have to apologize to you. As the lead company on this Kickstarter project we’re not only responsible for the realization of the books and add-ons, but also for the communication with you, our customers. To live up to this responsibility we hired a dedicated customer […]

Packs! – Statement concerning the lack of communication

Pardon the dust. Don’t worry, it won’t be here for much longer. Exciting news as the Packs! line has hit a major milestone with the release of the Corebook in PDF over on DriveThruRPG. Head on over and pick up your copy now. Don’t worry, we’ll still be here when […]

Packs! PDF Now Available & Progress Update

You asked for some news and here we go. As you already know the current version of the Packs! core book is available for backers for a couple of weeks. The super power campaign is almost done. We expect to send the files next week to our native english speakers […]

The Packs! are Near – Use the Time to Draw ...

First of all, we would like to say thank you for your great support. We never expected to hit the $10.000 mark and it gives us a lot of motivation to make Packs! the best edition of the game. We are working hard to finalize the PDF and along the way […]

Additional Addons and Advance Orders

Usually there is a break scheduled at Half-time, but there is no time to relax. Almost 100 Backers are joining our rat-pack, we are at 160%, the third stretch goal is near and we have another 14 days left. We are overwhelmed and grateful for your support and how you […]

The Center of the Lair and a New Horde!

Just four days remain until our Kickstarter Crowdfunding finally launches, so it’s time for another smashing update. You liked the art of Part One? Check this out!If you want to explore the origins of these artworks, feel free to visit the websites of Volker Konrad and Timo Grubing, the illustrators […]

More Horror (of the Artistic Kind) – Rat Art, Part ...